I’m a student of Christian ethics at Jesus College, Cambridge,  studying on a Marshall Scholarship. Prior to Cambridge, I went to Brandeis University. In my spare time, I cook, travel, and generally fail to be as crafty, homemade and/or Pinterestish as I’d like to be.

I write as often as possible, as well as I can. Sometimes that means less frequency and lower quality than I would prefer. But I do my best. You can see some of my writing here:

“Crime and Punishment in Boston” for Salon.

“Dostoevsky, Inequality and Tsarnaev’s Humanity” for the LA Review of Books.

“The 2 Supreme Court Cases that could put a Dagger in Organized Labor” for the Atlantic.

“On the ‘FreeJahar’ Girls” for the Atlantic.

Calling for Collaboration between Christian and Atheist Feminists for Salon.

“The Dirty Shot” for The Nervous Breakdown.

On legacy admissions for Salon.

I’ve also spoken with CBC’s Day 6 about my research into the Tsarnaev-support movement. You can listen to the entire segment here.

Follow me on Twitter at @e_stoker, or get in touch at e.h.stoker@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!